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Family Sharing - Primary Payment Method

If you're like me, you may be the familial expert with technology, and be the one setting devices and services up for other family members.

Recently, I finally bumped up against my 200GB iCloud sharing plan. Not wanting to pay for 2TB when I'm barely going to push 200 GB, I looked to join the family sharing account I had set up for my parents and siblings. However, because of how the accounts are set up, I was worried that my app purchasing habits [compared to theirs] would cause issues with the "Primary Payment Method".

If you join as a family member of a Family Sharing account, usually all purchases go through the primary member. This honestly is great for a family with kids, but falls down when there are a bunch of adults taking advantage of shared iCloud Storage or Apple Music.

Thanks to the Apple Support Twitter account, and my habit of buying iTunes gift cards on sales, I found an interesting way to join a family sharing account, but allow say, a particular family member, maintain their different spending habits. Especially if you're like me and tend to buy a lot more apps/music/subscriptions than your family members.

The solution? To allow charges to go directly to your account first, maintain an "Apple ID balance" on your account. By using iTunes gift cards, or just reloading your account through the App Store Account page, you can load money on your personal Apple ID to pay for your subscriptions and purchases. Your Apple ID will always default to this balance before charging the primary family member's account.

I've just started using this, and it'll be interesting to see how receipts work, but I'm glad that I can join a family sharing account, and enjoy the benefits of shared media/purchases, but without having to worry about trying to balance any payments made by the primary account holder.

Adding a Separate Developer Account to your iOS Device

Update: 2/20/19: Apple has updated the Developer Support site with documentation on Two-Factor Authentication.

Apple is now requiring Developer accounts have 2FA turned on as a security measure.

This has led to a lot of confusion because a lot of developers have separate accounts for good reason. Here’s how you can add your developer account to your device to get authentication codes.

  1. Go to Passwords and Accounts on your iOS device.
  2. Add Account
  3. Add iCloud
  4. Sign in to your developer account
  5. Turn off all the switches
  6. Bam
  7. Go to App Store connect or something like that
  8. Try to sign in
  9. You should get two factor codes on that device

  10. [Optional] File a radar to get this process streamlined/clarified.

Despite the account being labeled as ‘inactive’ on that account screen, you have added your device as a “trusted” device capable of receiving two-factor authentication codes.

I did this process after I had activated 2FA on my developer account. But you should be able to sign in this way, then go to, and enable Two-Factor Authentication there.

Edit: The one problem is enabling it in the first place - the easiest way is to create a temporary user on your Mac and enable it there, but damn if that isn’t a clunky solution.

Apple Watch - Close Your Rings Stories

in 2017, it was the coolest thing for me to personally be in a testimonial video for the Apple Watch. It showed me how much Apple really cared, in their external and internal messaging, about how the Apple Watch changed people's lives.

It makes me super happy to see even more stories on Apple's Close Your Rings page. All of these videos show unique and interesting people, all striving to do the same thing - close their rings and live a better day.

Check out these stories! They really are neat, especially when it's from every day people like me and you, to professional athletes that enjoy the watch's fitness and connectivity features.

Also, check out Zac Hall's piece on his continuous journey on improving his mental and physical health with the Apple Watch.



HealthFit - The Missing Apple Watch Sync

The Apple Watch's main flaw when it comes to workouts is that most third party apps suck. The built in workout app is the only app I've used that's rock solid, and gets you all the awards within It's where I track every run, ride, swim, walk, and hike.

But I still enjoy being social with my data, despite it being super personal and "private". I use Strava to track things like segments, improvements, and training for cycling and running, and enjoy having all my stats in one online place.

That's where HealthFit comes in. HealthFit is simply the best app for getting your workouts and health data out of the Health app, and into apps that are great for social features, but have terrible HealthKit implementations. [This thread has been going on for four years. I still get notifications about it.]

HealthFit is simply the best solution that I wish Apple would build into its app. It takes any workout, and [now even automatically], lets you sync it to third party service.1 HealthKit as an API is great to have, but when even the biggest players like Strava won't integrate with it correctly, or even allow you to import data from it, then you should write the feature yourself.

I also just came across Tempo which, in a similar vein to HealthFit, focuses exclusively on runs done with, and allows a bunch of data points to be viewed from it. In my 5 minutes of using it, I've really enjoyed its visualizations so far.

  1. Garmin Connect, Strava, TrainingPeaks, Final Surge, Selfloop, Smashrun, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyBike, Ride with GPS, Cycling Analytics, Today's Plan, Runalyze are among the apps listed that HealthFit will throw your workouts to. You can even export it as a FIT file.

A list of Apple Watch Special Achievements

Turkey Trot 2016


This was the first Apple Watch badge - it was awarded on Thanksgiving Day, in the US, in 2016 for completing a running, walking, or wheelchair workout of at least 5 kilometers/3.11 miles. .

New Years 2017

Ring in the New Year

This badge was awarded for completing all three rings for an entire week within the first month of 2017. This was the first badge available worldwide, and included a lot more stickers.

Earth Day 2017

Earth Day Badge

This badge was earned by doing an outdoor workout of at least 30 minutes or more on Earth Day. While it was somewhat strict in which workouts counted, the 2018 badge eliminated any need for a specific workout, as long as it was 30 minutes or more.

This was the 3rd yearly badge.

Mothers Day 2017

Mothers Day Badge

In a continuation of Every Mother Counts Partnership [kinda?], this was a badge awarded for walking a mile more in celebration of motherhood. This was only available in the US.

National Parks


Inspired by the hike from Old Faithful to Mallard Lake in Yellowstone, this badge was awarded for a walk, run, or wheelchair workout of 3.5 miles on July 15th. It was also the first big PR push for one of the badges, and was put out alongside a Press Release highlighting Apple's donations to The National Park Foundation. Despite being a celebration of the US National Parks, it was available worldwide.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day USA USA

In celebration of Veterans Day, this badge was awarded for doing a workout of 11 minutes or more. In the US only.

Turkey Trot 2 Electric Boogaloo


A repeat of the original badge, this was the second Turkey Trot award for doing a 5k (or 4.98897 kilometers to account for someone with miles to not do the last .01 miles and end up being really sad.) on Thanksgiving. This badge was still US only however.

New Years 2018


Another yearly badge has become the New Years challenge, challenging Apple Watch Users to complete all 3 rings for 7 days during the month of January. This one did have some SQL issues though ;)

Heart Month 2018

beating heart

This was a fun, new unique badge that coincided with Heart Month - a month dedicated to a health heart, heart disease awareness and research, and more in America. This was available worldwide, and encouraged Apple Watch users to meet their exercise goal 7 days in a row starting on February 7th and ending on the 14th, 2018.

This also started the trend of the badges having fun animations.

International Women's Day

double the work

A new badge celebrating international women's day encouraged Apple Watch users to double their move goal on March 8th, 2018.

This was available worldwide.

Earth Day 2018

Earth 2

A repeat of the 2017 badge, this encouraged Apple Watch users to get outside and do a workout of 30 minutes or more to earn an achievement. Unlike the previous badge, however, this badge would be earned for any workout totaling 30 minutes.

This was available worldwide.

China Fitness Day

Red 2018 badge

One of the first internationally specific badges that wasn't US only, this badge was earned on August 8th, 2018 by doing a workout of 30 minutes or more to Apple Watch users in China.

National Parks 2018


Surprisingly not a repeat of the previous years, this National Parks badge happens on the 50 year anniversary of Redwood National Park in California, and also featured a donation campaign by Apple. This badge is achievable on September 1st, by doing a run, walk, or wheelchair workout of 50 minutes or more.

Veterans Day 2018

Veterans Day round 2 USA USA

An exact repeat of the previous years Veterans Day badge, including the model, method of earning, and limitation to the US. Sadly, unlike others, this one isn't an animated badge.
You earn this special award by working out for 11 minutes or more on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2018.

Turkey Trot 2018


Unfortunately, the third annual turkey trot badge was destroyed because of a deployment issue. Because of an improperly configured Amazon bucket, badges weren't being properly propagated to devices [As far as I'm able to observe externally. Who knows what is internally causing this. All I know is I saw the asset for TURKEY_TROT_2018, but I was unable to download it]. This issue was prevalent in an in-between period of the Veterans Day badge and the Turkey trot badge.

Asset catalog 105 was deployed, but wasn't downloading properly to devices which caused users to not achieve the Veterans Day badge. In order to fix this, the asset catalog was rolled back to 104, which didn't have the Turkey_Trot_2018 badge in it.

For some reason this was unable to be fixed before thanksgiving, and it came and went without the badge being deployed in time to notify users, and as it stands today [12/9/2018], the Achievements Asset Catalog is still at version 104 which does not include the Turkey Trot badge.

I'm sad that a badge was somehow not deployed simply because of a server misconfiguration. I really hope this badge comes back in 2019. And I hope Apple figures out a way to not have badges reply on buggy deploys.

Ring in the New Year 2019

From what I can only assume are architecture changes to badges, the New Year's Challenge was also skipped this year.

I really hope 12.2 fixes these issues.

Heart Month 2019

Heart Month 2019 Apple Watch Badge

A redux of last year, Heart Month 2019 badge started going out to devices January 29th, with some new fun animated stickers that were awarded for those that closed their exercise ring 7 days in row, starting February 8th and ending on the 14th.

Also I love how cute this runner is.

Running heart!

International Women's Day 2019

International Women's Day Badge 2019

Similar in style to 2018's badge, this badge was awarded upon walking, running, or doing a wheelchair workout of a mile or more on March 8th, 2019.

This badge also included some fun new animated badges.

Earth Day 2019

Earth 3

The third Earth Day Badge! This version included some fun new animations as well as a new style for the alumni badge.

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