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Apple Fitness+

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Hey everyone.

Apple Fitness+ is launching today! I'm super excited to see how Apple's offerings compare to the competition.

Since I started using the Apple Watch, and focusing on closing my rings, I've used a handful of various apps for things like yoga, strength training, and even meditation. They all are pretty neat, but none of them have been super great with HealthKit. Some of these may have a watch app, others may work with the Fitness app in some ways, but I often found myself watching the instructions on my iPhone or iPad, while manually starting a workout on my watch.

Having an offering straight from Apple, with the integration level that Apple can achieve with the Apple Watch is super exciting for me. Not just for the simplicity of it connecting to the Fitness app and tracking the workout, but because of the expertise Apple has built up with their amazing team. Apple's spectacular Fitness programs at WWDC have been one of the many reasons I'm excited to have Fitness+ - Apple has a large team of trainers that know what they're doing, with years of expereience, and now it's all built into the Fitness app

So check back in a few weeks - I presume I'll thoroughly enjoy yoga, HIIT, strength training, and even the mindful cooldown workouts from ´ú┐Fitness+. Compared to my regular workouts of just high intensity cardio, the variety offered by Fitness+ will also hopefully make me a more balanced athlete overall.

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