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Five Years

Five years ago, I had just gotten back from WWDC 2016.

It was a year where I really got more into the events surrounding the conference, despite not really attending “WWDC”. I went to various shows, podcasts events, and was able to meet incredible people.

During that week, in a night I probably stayed out too late, I ended up missing my move goal by 7 calories.

sad trombone

At the time my move streak was somewhere in the 90s, but I was still super sad and disappointed. Here I was at an Apple-focused week, and I somehow forgot to #CloseMyRings.

The same week I had the very great opportunity to meet some people who would later become my teammates and colleagues. I mentioned my silly mess up, and someone remarked how “There’s people that have a year streak going!”. And I thought… I could do that.

So after a week of mulling around and not closing any rings at all, or doing any workouts, I started.

And I haven’t stopped since.

One year was a monumental milestone for me, and that became a cameo in an Apple ad. I continued for the next year and hit two years.

Later I hit three years, and four.

I kept it going through multiple road trips, vacations, watches and iPhones. I learned to love different ways to close my rings - like getting into Yoga, swimming in the Pacific or hiking in desert forever.

swimming outdoors

It has become a point of sanity for me, especially during this last year where staying active has kept me feeling alright despite the world being on fire.

As always, thank you to anyone and everyone that’s helped with this product. It’s changed my life for the better, and streak aside, I live a healthier and fitter lifestyle because those damn rings are so addicting. And honestly, I owe my career to my ignited passion for technology and health & fitness, and how the intersection of those two (three?) can help improve people’s lives, including my own. I’m proud to call y’all colleagues and friends.

See you next year. 😜

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