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Choices Made

As a quick brief followup to this post, after a few weeks of cycling and testing different apps, I've found my solution to keeping all of my data but also getting the most out of all of it.

To maintain my Activity Rings, I use the Wahoo ELEMNT App, which syncs from my bike computer. After many many tests, it gets the calories closest to what the Apple Watch did when I was using it daily for cycling. It also pairs directly with my HR monitor.

Then, to get the HR data from my Wahoo TICKR, I have it paired to my Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT, and my iPhone. Because its "dual band", it can pair to a device that uses ANT+ and Bluetooth. So, it pairs to the computer with ANT+, and then to my iPhone directly (which I always have when I'm cycling) over Bluetooth.

Wahoo writes each workout to HealthKit and writes it to Strava. I'm hoping Wahoo also implements the new Workout Route Mapping API that's coming in iOS 11, because I believe that'll also show the actual map in

So there you have it. A quick little run down on how I still maintain my 400+ move streak, get my data into Strava for segments, workouts, and seeing how I'm improving, and how I still get HR data, cycling distance, and active calories all into the health database on my iPhone.

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