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2017 for me

Years can be looked at as the events that happened around you rather than those that happened to you. In this, I wanted to reflect on what has happened for me this year and what positive things I encountered.

The year started out with freezing cold temperatures, but my weird dedication to going to the gym. I was becoming more and more dedicated to getting up at 5 am [yes I know, I know], eating a quick breakfast and chugging coffee, and then taking the 5:20 bus to get to UVU’s gym for the 6:30 spin class. I’ve already written loads about my Apple Watch, but that’s what was motivating me getting to the gym - closing my rings early. And we all know how that went.

While this was happening, I also kept up my outdoor cycling despite the cold weather. I didn’t use it to commute as much, because man is that just depressing to bike in the cold morning and have to use the showers at the gym to regain feeling in my hands, [I had terrible gloves], but I made sure to bike often on weekends, through snow, cold, but mostly some part sunshine filled days. I got more and more obsessed with biking, and enjoyed it a ton.

Another thing I made as a goal was to get more involved at my school. This was my last full year of university, and I felt like I hadn’t really gotten involved in school spirit, or attended too many events.

So I body painted myself.

Another bigger project I worked on this year was using ad promotion material, and getting some of the more specialized experience in the real world with digital marketing. It was fun to be all sides of the project, including corny shots of our team to use as the creative side. Our teacher really pushed us to do the whole enchilada with the marketing, from the writing, photography, editing, and actual end result ad promotion. It was loads of fun.

After finishing my last full semester, I also got a new job and ended my employment as a web developer for the university, and am now working as the web expert on an integrated marketing team. That transition went over way better than I initially thought, and I’m enjoying a ton of different aspects of my new job - everything from ad managing, website cleanup and coding, to AV work at events and brainstorming new campaigns for a healthcare clinic. It’s a job that allows me to use a lot more of skills, to even being that guy so people don’t have to hunker over to the IT department, which I see as a plus.

Rounding out the end of the year, I got my first real road bike, biked 2000 miles on it, and beat my all time 50 mile times, worked on getting more PRs and KOMs on Strava, and keeping a crazy move streak going.

This year was a fun one for me, and in my professional development, it was one of the biggest years yet. Now I’m graduated, full-time employed, and hoping to figure out how to get into good cycling competitions next year. Here’s to 2018.

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