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Where's Winter

One of the weirdest things about Winter is what it does to you emotionally. The days are blatantly shorter, and they almost seem to just slip away from you. You’ll take a mid afternoon nap, and suddenly it’s 10:00 PM outside and you haven’t even eaten dinner.

As I’ve said in many different forms, this is my first real winter. I’ve never lived in the snow, other than going on cabin trips or passing the occasional patch of snow on the way to California. Utah is a whole different complexity when it comes to Winter. When it snows, it snows, (so I’ve been told).

Meanwhile I’m the kid from Arizona that finds a good deal on some nice boots on black Friday, wears them to work, and show them off to others. To which I get the instant reply of:

Oh… those won’t last at all once it actually snows.


Either way, despite the lateness of the winter up here, I’m excited in a really weird way for the actual snow. I live next to once of the best ski resorts ever, and there are a ton of places around to go just play in the snow, go snowmobiling up in the canyon, or playing with my sister’s dog.

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