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Twittering Wrong

One of the most entertaining things is seeing someone who may be somewhat out of touch, or whose account is being run by a media team, tweeting something way out of line on Twitter.

That happened today with all the buzz surrounding Obama's plan for an open Internet (basically his little statement on Net Neutrality). Senator Ted Cruz from Texas had an interesting thing to say:

What. Where's your logic? I'm so confused as to who in his team thought this was smart, or if he just decided to tweet something when he had no knowledge of it.


Meanwhile, The Oatmeal had a pretty fun response to this tweet:

Dear Senator Ted Cruz,

[Your tweet this morning] led me to assume one of two things:

Thing #1: When accepted campaign funds from telecom lobbyists last year, they asked that you publicly smear Net Neutrality.

Thing #2: You don't actually know what Net Neutrality is.

Politicians apparently love making statements that are just whatever helps them, or confuses their voters to blindly follow their "leadership". I'm not going to go into the politics of anything in this, but outright saying something like this, that doesn't make sense in the first place, is completely wrong and stupid. Yet these people are representing us in the Senate.

Yay America?

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