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Personal Computer

Yes I know that everyone's writing about the iPhone today, I'm not sorry.

When Jobs intro'd the iPhone ten years ago, he called it three things: an iPod, a Phone, and an Internet communicator.

What's interesting looking back now and seeing what the iPhone has really become: a true personal computer.

This is a device where all our memories are stored, the wallet with our payment methods, a database with all of our fitness information, where we keep track of food, spending, banking, and communicate with everyone in our lives through various networks. You can order coffee, your groceries, a car, and book a trip all from this device, and it's gotten simpler than ever to accomplish these tasks. It's more of a personal computer than anything from the "PC" era could've ever dreamed of being.

Ten years of iPhone really shows how little time it has been, but how much has been accomplished. Obviously no one knew that we could be doing so much with this pocket computer, and it'll be even more amazing how much more we are able to do with this device in another ten short years.

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