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MacBook Teardown

iFixit, speedy as always, has posted a teardown of the new MacBook. It shows the details that went into it, as well as more of the craziness that is a super super thin product from Apple.

I was able to interact with this machine over the weekend, and boy is it a beautiful one. The part about it I’m most interested in is the new keyboard, which is very different, but in a great way. I liked the comparison some have made it to typing on an iPad screen, which it kind feels like.

Another feature that everyone has been talking about is the new Force Touch trackpad. (Force Trackpad?) Instead of having a manual clicking mechanism, the trackpad has sensors and electromagnets that make it feel like you're pushing the trackpad. This allows for better trackpad usage, and it reminds me of the switch from the traditional two-piece trackpad to the multitouch trackpad all over again. It makes any computer feel inferior, especially when you attempt to click on the top most part of a trackpad. And while it definitely feels like you’re clicking, it’s not difficult to tell the difference between it and a normal trackpad in the MacBook Air or Pro. When I was at the Apple Store, one of the employees actually showed how, if you turn the machine off, it doesn’t feel like you’re clicking at all. It just feels like you're hitting the palm rest.

While I believe it would take some time to get used to, and there’s the usually “wow this machine is underpowered” whining from some people, I think this may be my next machine. I’m really glad Apple also finally (I know) brought back some color options for the MacBook. Reminds me of my old Black MacBook from 2008, which was my first MacBook ever.

Even though this machine may be underpowered, and sure I would miss running things like Starcraft or even Minecraft, I think it would be the perfect machine for any college student. I expect to see them popping up all over my University in the coming year.

And come on, how could you watch this video and not want it.

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