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From Movies to Web Hosting

College is always said to be the "super fun best time ever", and an experience you'll never want to forget. You're going to go to parties, have fun, find a whole bunch of friends, etc. etc. etc.

In reality, college is hard. It isn't something that you can get buy if you party on the weekends, and do your work during the school week. It's constant work. Especially if you have a job alongside college.

One of the things I've always struggled with is procrastinating. I'll put off an assignment for two weeks, right up until the week that it is due, wait two more days, start it the night before, and then finally finish it the morning of. One of my main problems is the part where I decide "Meh, that assignment can wait. Lets go watch Netflix!"

This has led to me being in a panic over grades, and stressed out about something that shouldn't stress me out.

Instead, I've canceled my Netflix, and hope to put all that time wasted towards, you know, actually finishing my school work. In the meantime... I couldn't simply let that $7 a month just go back into my bank account, could I? So I went and got hosting from Digital Ocean, and set up1 this blog.

But Kyle you already had a tumblr! Yes yes, I know. But it was something I was just trying to do... and failed... and would blog like once every full blue moon.

This is different, and, as any blogger knows, I hope it is. This is a little experiment of mine with actually dealing with web hosting, virtual servers, and managing my own system of trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing. It's not simple for me, and that's what I like about it.

Hopefully I'll do something good with this.

Something better than buying simply because I can. Building actual webpages and whatever the heck I decide to do. Who knows.

1. Set up as in set up my account, fill in the boxes, and choosing a Ghost preset.

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