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Can't Sleep

Being a complete nerd and Apple Fanboy™, I can't seem to sleep tonight. We already know about the watch, although more features and obviously pricing are going to revealed tomorrow. It's strange, not knowing a lot 6 months after the announcement.

I'm beyond excited for tomorrow. As I've stated previously on different platforms, I've been a watch fanatic as long as I can remember. I don't even have all the nice watches with me up at college, but I'd post a picture of all of them. I've always enjoyed collecting them, finding limited editions, or getting watches that told time in a unique way.

And, obviously, the Apple Watch fits perfectly with my obsession. It's a watch made by my favorite tech company. It's something does so much more than tell the time. But, for some odd reason, I'm still simply excited to be wearing a timepiece made by Apple on my wrist, simply for the look and feel, and the fact that it'll probably be one of the best watches I own.

I can't wait until the event.

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