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I'm not really keen on posting a lot on any of these terrible and horrific days. I tend to do my best to listen more and keep more to myself, especially with everyone seemingly having solutions and blame to throw around.

That being said, I think Casey Neistat summed up some of what I'm feeling in his latest vlog:

"I think days like this, it's really important TO have fun. Days like this it's important to smile, it's important to laugh, it's important to be around people you love. … Tomorrow’s another day, it's important to keep your head up. Seek out happiness, keep smiling, and really appreciate the good things in life. And most importantly, to take a moment, look around, and appreciate the people around you. Appreciate the people you love."

Look around, find the people you love and care about, and let them know that. Help in ways that you can, but also help by making the world a better place. And don't let the actions of one person define how you act. Instead, let your actions show love, passion, and kindness.

I don't know about you, but I plan to have a blast this week in San Francisco. I plan to have fun with people, meet others, and have fun following along with jokes and humor alongside (hopefully) getting a lot of sweet stuff to look forward to from Apple today.

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