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MacBook Teardown

iFixit, speedy as always, has posted a teardown of the new MacBook. It shows the details that went into it, as well as more of the craziness that is a super super thin product from Apple.

I was able to interact with this machine over the weekend, and boy is it a beautiful one. The part about it I’m most interested in is the new keyboard, which is very different, but in a great way. I liked the comparison some have made it to typing on an iPad screen, which it kind feels like.

Another feature that everyone has been talking about is the new Force Touch trackpad. (Force Trackpad?) Instead of having a manual clicking mechanism, the trackpad has sensors and electromagnets that make it feel like you're pushing the trackpad. This allows for better trackpad usage, and it reminds me of the switch from the traditional two-piece trackpad to the multitouch trackpad all over again. It makes any computer feel inferior, especially when you attempt to click on the top most part of a trackpad. And while it definitely feels like you’re clicking, it’s not difficult to tell the difference between it and a normal trackpad in the MacBook Air or Pro. When I was at the Apple Store, one of the employees actually showed how, if you turn the machine off, it doesn’t feel like you’re clicking at all. It just feels like you're hitting the palm rest.

While I believe it would take some time to get used to, and there’s the usually “wow this machine is underpowered” whining from some people, I think this may be my next machine. I’m really glad Apple also finally (I know) brought back some color options for the MacBook. Reminds me of my old Black MacBook from 2008, which was my first MacBook ever.

Even though this machine may be underpowered, and sure I would miss running things like Starcraft or even Minecraft, I think it would be the perfect machine for any college student. I expect to see them popping up all over my University in the coming year.

And come on, how could you watch this video and not want it.

Slo-mo Makes Anything Funny

Sometimes I record video of the most random things.

Other times, I take that video and make it funny.

NASA SLS Rocket Test

Last week, I had the great experience of being able to participate in the NASA SLS Booster test.

Miles away from any city, town, or place to buy breakfast, Orbital ATK tested the Space Launch System booster that is meant to eventually bring humans to Mars.

If you hadn't heard I was able to go the NASA Rocket test that took place on March 10th and 11th.

I took a lot of photos, and learned a lot, so I compiled it all into a photo essay over on Medium. It's less of an indepth read about the technology, and more an overview of the event itself.

Give it a read and let me know what you think. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I'd be super lucky to attend another one of these.

Can't Sleep

Being a complete nerd and Apple Fanboy™, I can't seem to sleep tonight. We already know about the watch, although more features and obviously pricing are going to revealed tomorrow. It's strange, not knowing a lot 6 months after the announcement.

I'm beyond excited for tomorrow. As I've stated previously on different platforms, I've been a watch fanatic as long as I can remember. I don't even have all the nice watches with me up at college, but I'd post a picture of all of them. I've always enjoyed collecting them, finding limited editions, or getting watches that told time in a unique way.

And, obviously, the Apple Watch fits perfectly with my obsession. It's a watch made by my favorite tech company. It's something does so much more than tell the time. But, for some odd reason, I'm still simply excited to be wearing a timepiece made by Apple on my wrist, simply for the look and feel, and the fact that it'll probably be one of the best watches I own.

I can't wait until the event.

Tech Douchebags #50: The Parody Account Creator

Anyone that knows me personally or online knows that I’m addicted to Twitter. I’m on it all the time, and I’ll tweet about anything and everything.

This week on Tech Douchebags, I discuss my unhealthy addiction to another aspect of Twitter: creating endless parody accounts. Whenever something I think may be funny comes up, I’m there, making a Twitter account for it. I end up tweeting once or twice, and then just abandon it.

We also discuss a lot of things such as the culture of kids around me, classmates, friends, and how my view on the Internet and memes online differs because of my always-connected persona.

I’m glad Jordan Cooper let me guest on this episode, this show was definitely a blast. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a couple of Twitter parody accounts to delete.

Parody Account Emails

Garrulous — Brian Hamilton

Brian Hamilton, on Garrulous:

We draw a lot from our childhoods, too - we're certainly the youngest podcasters I know of, and possibly the youngest on the Internet (Dan Benjamin's son and Lex Friedman's son notwithstanding). We like to think it adds something unique to our show.

Over the past year, podcasting has become a very hot topic for the internet. Many have spoken of its revival, and others have criticized the platform.

Meanwhile Brian and I have gone off our rockers and started our own.

What he says here focuses on what we can bring to the medium. Sure, we just do this for fun, and we aren't trying to compete with Serial's level of production, but we have something unique to bring to the table. And I think that's what makes Garrulous special.