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Tech Douchebags #50: The Parody Account Creator

Anyone that knows me personally or online knows that I’m addicted to Twitter. I’m on it all the time, and I’ll tweet about anything and everything.

This week on Tech Douchebags, I discuss my unhealthy addiction to another aspect of Twitter: creating endless parody accounts. Whenever something I think may be funny comes up, I’m there, making a Twitter account for it. I end up tweeting once or twice, and then just abandon it.

We also discuss a lot of things such as the culture of kids around me, classmates, friends, and how my view on the Internet and memes online differs because of my always-connected persona.

I’m glad Jordan Cooper let me guest on this episode, this show was definitely a blast. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a couple of Twitter parody accounts to delete.

Parody Account Emails

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