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#2: Punk Rock from Middle School

Garrulous Episode 2.

After some Serial follow-up, Kyle and Brian reminisce about their favorite guilty-pleasure music and wax poetic about the golden era of the N64 and pre-Internet video game culture.

This episode took a little bit longer because we decided to start a podcast right before a holiday break. After a lot of Garagageband struggles and a few things with Squarespace, here it is.

I also ordered a Blue Yeti over the weekend to use, so hopefully on the next episode I will sound better. I've tried the Yeti already, and it's pretty solid.

We're looking for different ways to manage it in the future, but this solution is what we have for now. If there's ever any issues with the show, or suggestions, feel free to let either of know on Twitter: @kylesethgray or @_brianhamilton. We're hoping to improve in multiple ways with each new show.

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