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Two Years With Apple Watch

A year ago, I wrote this:

I thought that with me owning my Apple Watch for 1 year now, I would add up some totals regarding how much I've done.

I thought I would follow the same format as that post, and provide more stats:

  • Since I got my Apple Watch, I've walked 9,608,040 steps.
  • I've walked/ran a distance of 4526 Miles.
  • I cycled 1998 miles
  • I burned a total of 438,746 Active Calories. (That's 662 glazed Dunkin Donuts)
  • Ruined 8 pairs of headphones, including two EarPods and two pairs of Jaybirds.
  • Took out 2 iPhone 6's, I'm on my 3rd right now. First one got dropped on a mountain, second one got ruined by sweat.
  • Still rocking the same Apple Watch I got on day 1.

    Day one with my Apple Watch Day 366 with my Apple Watch Day 730 with my Apple Watch

Last year I told myself I wanted to "up the ante" with my cycling efforts.

Last summer, after realizing I still couldn't run as much as I used to, I went out and bought a bike. It isn't a top of the line road bike: it's categorized by Sirrus as a Fitness bike. However, it got me addicted. I used it to commute all of fall semester - 14 miles round trip every day. And on weekends I would check out all the awesome trails around Utah, as well as cycle throughout Utah Valley. I've biked all the way from Provo to Salt Lake a few times, (~55 miles), and as summer is on the horizon, I'm biking every single day if possible.

The biggest thing about the Apple Watch is the encouragement it provides me to be physically active. There's a plethora of different achievements you can get, including event-based awards. You get awards for hitting your Move goal every day of the week, month, and for continuing a streak. The visualization of all your data, and being able to look back and compare previous workouts, really helps a lot in short term and long term motivation.

As it stands today, as soon as I got to the gym after work, I'll have hit a 300 day move goal streak.

The Apple Watch as a motivational device has been priceless to me. Two years ago, I wasn't out of shape by any means, but I definitely wasn't physically able to accomplish what I can now. I remember when I first got my Watch, I would run a bit here and there, but getting to a higher goal of ~800 active calories was hard, and wore my body out. Now, my move goal is 840, and I'm hitting it every. single. day.

Obviously it takes more than a shiny computer to make a change in your life, but I can definitely say that the Apple Watch has changed mine. I often wonder what 2-year-ago Kyle would think if I saw what I was doing these days: cycling 20 miles per day on the weekend, spending about an hour at the gym every morning or evening, and consistently and steadily hitting my goals.

I'm really glad I got the Apple Watch, and I love the Activity Ring based motivation system. It really works for the way I think, and It's encouraged me to keep moving, stay active, and live a more 'fit' life.

Kyle Health - Apps

Your smartphone can be very useful along any part of your health journey. Having a constantly connected device in your pocket at all times can assist with you tracking your health. Both Google and Apple have built in applications, and Google Health, that assist in bringing apps together to monitor stats such as your daily calories burned, your weight, the amount of protein you've consumed, among a slew of other data. In this post I'm going to cover just a few of the many apps I use to help me live a healthier life.


Rotate video on iOS

The automatic rotation of the iPhone camera has issues sometimes, and you may end up with an awesome video looking like this after you've recorded it.
Sad vertical video

And while using another app to edit it and save it works, it may end up with it being placed into a different moment, or losing the original meta data from the video.

Thankfully I found a solution!

The iMovie app has an extension. And unbeknownst to me before, you can rotate video with it!

If you select the video you want to edit, you'll see a circle with an ellipsis in the center of it.
edit Screen Video editing extensions

Once you tap the iMovie button, you'll see this screen.
iMovie Edit Screen It's not super clear, but if you take two fingers, and pinch and rotate them, you'll see this arrow pop up.

Rotated video Voila! You now have your original video, in all its meta data filled glory. The next step is to just tap "Done".
Saving video iMovie will save the video in place (keeping all the original data etc), and your video will be properly horizontal.
Finished video

The only downside to this is that if your video, like mine, was a slow motion video, you'll no longer be able to edit the points where it's slow. In that type of situation - I would duplicate the original video, and then rotate it using iMovie.

Small Steps

One of the biggest things you can do to help your personal health is just take little steps.

Most of the time – habits build upon each other. And snowball into a greater sense of personal wellness, simply by just finding out how things relate to each other.

I think one of the best things to start out with personal health is just being more aware of what you’re doing every day. Don’t go full out completely tracking calories or running a 5K. Start small: look at the nutrition labels on the majority of things you eat. Try to keep a mental tally in your head about what you’ve eaten, and how much of it you have.

Read the rest of this post on my Health Blog

Where I got started

I wrote up a monologue post about what health means to me, and how I got started with my whole focus on it.

It's definitely a narrative more than anything, but it is me. And I feel like it does express my weird thought process in regards to being more healthy.

Blog Project - Kyle Health

In one of my classes this semester, we get to


about whatever topic we want. Me being me, I chose to blog about Health and Fitness and my personal journey. I thought it would fun and interesting. Especially since for the past year, the majority of my personal achievements and related topics have been buried on my Twitter, and it's not super easy to find.

For the next month I'm going to be posting health blog posts, i.e. apps I used, things I've found helpful, and my personal fitness journey, on a WordPress (😱) blog for that project.

For the sake of consistency and preservation, and because I hope that the posts are actually helpful, I'll also be posting them here.